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5 tips to increase your presence

5 conseils pour augmenter sa prestance
Having presence is a major asset for a woman especially during our century. To be taken seriously, a woman must “have an iron fist in a velvet glove”. She must be able to impose respect while keeping her femininity and softness. This is when presence comes in, having a certain presence immediately allows you to be taken seriously by your interlocutors regardless of your fears, it is also what allows you to make an impression! Acquiring this presence is also becoming a woman with whom no one can play! (If you know what I mean ) If you are one of those women who want to gain presence, this article is for you!

5 tips to increase your presence.

Tip #1: Take care of your appearance.

“If a woman is badly dressed, you notice her dress, but if she is impeccably dressed, you notice her. - Coco Chanel

It is essential to take care of your appearance because it is your appearance that (unfortunately) will allow people to get a first idea of ​​you.
If at a job interview a person shows up with a black suit, high heels, freshly manicured nails, impeccably slicked back hair and to top it all off if she smells of Yves Saint Laurent's Libre, we go right away tell yourself that this woman is neat, she has confidence and she exudes discipline.
If, on the other hand, a woman comes to an interview in a T-shirt/trainers wearing a ponytail and smelling of cologne, we will say that she is a dynamic woman, rather relaxed and " no headaches ”.
It may be, however, that the first woman to come in a suit is not at all disciplined and that it is the less serious of the two. She probably borrowed her sister's perfume as well as her pumps for the first day. It may also be that the second is not at all relaxed that it is a super demanding and square woman … but that day during their interview, it is their appearance that will immediately decide who they are. Do you see where I'm coming from? Appearance is not a fixed and intangible thing, it is manipulated and arranged according to who you want to be and in front of who you are. Your appearance is your first tool to make the person who sees you for the first time believe what you want.
Ask yourself which woman do you want to be? What does this woman exude? What is she wearing? If you want to embody it and release what it releases, then you will have to start taking care of your appearance!

Tip #2: Be confident!

Confidence, regain confidence

“Create the highest and greatest possible vision for your life, for you become what you believe. -Oprah Winfrey

Once you have groomed your appearance, you are visually closer to what you want to look like, now you have to convince yourself that you really are! First of all, be convinced of your value and for that nothing is more convincing than to act as if you were already convinced. If you have fears, if you doubt yourself and your abilities, in short if you don't trust yourself, no one should know about it (except your shrink)! The goal is to really not let it show. You have to know that presence is something you see, something you feel through different actions with a person and believe me no one can read you like an open book unless YOU don't decide he can.
Always tell yourself that you are a confident person, that you know your worth, walk with your head held high (even if you are secretly scared, hold your head up. No one will blame you for being brave).

Tip #3: Pay attention to your gait and attitude.

attitude, presence

“It is not the beauty of the woman that bewitches, but her nobility. - Euripides

What do you think of a person who walks bent over, nonchalantly and shuffling? Do you tell yourself that this person does not really want to reach their destination? Your gait says a lot about who you are and where you are going (literally and figuratively too). It is important to understand that you do not need to have an original gait, (but if you have it, that's good!) be natural in your gait but above all think about straightening up, fixing a point in front you and to keep a certain rhythm when you walk. It's important to appear firm in your movements and not have your hands swaying, this can give the impression that you don't know what to do with your body (and you have to pretend that you are in total control of it!)

Tip #4: Stay Humble and Polite

“Who sows politeness, reaps consideration. - Taha-Hassine FERHAT

Having presence does not mean crushing one's neighbor or being haughty, on the contrary, true presence means being aware of one's value in order to rise while keeping a certain humility and being aware of one's reality. To rise does not mean to grow above others, it means to rise to see beyond the person you were yesterday. And walking looking straight ahead does not mean ignoring others, you have a destination on which you are fixed but remain aware of what is happening around without being destabilized. Politeness, on the other hand, adds enormously to presence! It may have happened to you ladies to come across a man (a complete stranger of whom you hadn't asked anything) who stops to hold the door for you or who lets you pass in front of him and all this in a disinterested way. This man has just had a good education, he is aware of your presence as a woman so he holds the door for you without asking anything.
To this man you will say that he is a gentleman, he exudes something … just because he held the door for you x) you know what i mean? It's the same for us ladies, even if tomorrow you have a certain class you will lose a lot by not holding the door for an old lady or not giving up your place to a pregnant woman.
A personable woman is a woman who is aware of her potential but who does not make a fix of it by ignoring others.

Tip #5: Be yourself

“Being different pays, no matter what. Being yourself and living honestly will always leave a legacy of authenticity. -Lady Gaga

In your quest for presence, remember to be yourself. A lot of people would like Beyonce's class, but know that Beyonce is Beyonce and she is perfect in this role because it is the one she came to play on this earth. You ! You are who you are and you were created to be that person! Gaining presence does not mean changing who you are, but rather staying who you are and trying to bring yourself to the best version of yourself. Take the time to constantly improve yourself, to work on your weaknesses and shortcomings to turn them into strengths.

You now have the 5 keys to becoming personable. The last little key I can give you (this one is to open the latch at the top of the door): Educate yourself! A person who knows what they are talking about will always be taken more seriously than a person who rambles on endlessly!
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