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Brazilian Straightening: The Little-Known Dangers for Women's Health

Lissage Brésilien : Les Dangers Méconnus pour la Santé des Femmes

The most frequent question about Brazilian straightening is often:

Does Brazilian straightening damage hair?

But have you ever wondered what effects it would have on your health?

In the world of hair care, Brazilian straightening has long been considered a revolutionary solution for achieving straight, shiny and manageable hair . However, a recent study carried out by French researchers, highlighted by Le Parisien , reveals unsuspected risks for the health of women who regularly undergo this popular treatment.

The study warns against the use of certain chemicals present in Brazilian straightening formulas, which can have serious health consequences , including causing severe kidney damage . These revelations raise serious questions about hair care industry practices and highlight the need for stronger regulation to protect consumer health.

At Velvety Paris, our commitment to the health and well-being of our customers is a priority, your health must be more important than aesthetics!

As a salon dedicated to women's beauty, we take these concerns very seriously. This is why we have made the responsible decision to completely stop offering Brazilian straightening in our services.

Our objective is clear: to make our clients aware of the potential dangers of Brazilian straightening and to encourage them to opt for safer alternatives that respect their health. Among these alternatives, we highly recommend tannin smoothing and texture release.

Tannin straightening is a revolutionary method that uses natural plant extracts to soften and smooth hair. Unlike Brazilian straightening, which relies on the use of harsh chemicals, tannin straightening offers a safe and effective solution to achieve smooth, silky hair without compromising health.

Likewise, texture release is another popular option for those looking for smooth, manageable hair. This method uses non-toxic products to relax natural curls and create a smooth, even texture, while maintaining hair health.

By ending Brazilian straightening in our salon, we are committed to protecting the health and well-being of our clients. We strongly believe in a holistic approach to beauty, which takes into account both outer appearance and inner health . We hope this move will help raise awareness about the dangers of Brazilian straightening and encourage women to make healthier, more informed choices when it comes to hair care.

At Velvety Paris, we believe in beauty that does not require sacrifices on health. Join us in our commitment to safe, healthy and respectful beauty.

Want effective straightening without compromising your health? Make an appointment now for a free hair diagnosis!