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Good practices for maintaining hair extensions

Les bonnes pratiques pour entretenir les extensions de cheveux | VELVETY PARIS

If you have succumbed to the installation of hair extensions, you will have to think about taking good care of them. Their longevity and the health of your hair depend on it. The steps to take vary depending on the type of extensions you have. That said, there are some basic operations that must be carried out. This guide has been designed to help you take good care of your hair extensions.

The first thing to do

Whether you are wearing a curly, frizzy or straight hair extension, it is important to detangle your hair morning and night to avoid the formation of knots. How do I do this? You should start at the ends and work your way up to the roots. Be careful! You should use a natural boar bristle brush. If you have trouble detangling your hair, you should not force it.

The best decision would be to make an appointment with your hairdresser. If you have opted for a clip-in hair extension, you will need to remove the strands before brushing. The same applies if you are wearing a body wave closure or a lacefront wig. Before going to bed, also remember to braid your hair. This will reduce friction that could damage the extensions and the hair fibres.

Washing your extensions

How to wash your hair? The approach to take varies according to the type of natural or synthetic hair extension. But in general, the first rule of thumb is to always wash your hair with your head straight. In addition, you should start with the scalp and the attachment points before moving on to the ends. While washing, the application of a repairing detangling balm is recommended. This makes detangling easier.

As for the cleansing product, you can use your usual shampoo. Be careful! Products containing silicones or glycerine should be avoided. In addition, wash the hair with cold or lukewarm water. After washing, air drying is recommended. However, you can also use a hairdryer, taking care to keep it 10 cm away from your head.

About styling

When it comes to styling, blow-drying is not recommended. This could affect the longevity of your clip-in smooth or clip-in afro hair extensions, especially if they are made of synthetic material. Therefore, you should opt for another styling method. If you are tempted to use a straightening iron to make curls or to straighten your hair, remember to do it at a reasonable temperature, i.e. not exceeding 160°C.

What about beach or pool treatments?

If you plan to go swimming at the beach or pool, you will need to protect your extensions or body wave weaves from the sun, salt or chlorine. To do this, simply wear a bathing cap and apply appropriate care products. After bathing, do not forget to rinse your hair with clean water.