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Learn more about hair extensions

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Many women dream of having long hair. It is a major advantage when choosing a hairstyle. But sometimes it is not easy to get length, especially when you have curly or frizzy hair. Patience is therefore required. However, while waiting for the hair to grow back, there is a solution you can adopt. It is the installation of hair extensions.

What are hair extensions?

Hair extensions are strands of hair that are placed on top of natural hair to make it look fuller and to add length. The use of hair extensions is more and more common nowadays. Note that they come in two categories. There are synthetic hair extensions and natural hair extensions.

The quality and reliability of the strands should be checked before purchasing. The choice should also be made with care. The extensions must be compatible with natural hair, both in terms of pigmentation and texture. Otherwise, it will be impossible to obtain a natural look.

How to install hair extensions?

Decided to proceed with the installation of curly or frizzy hair extensions? The first thing to do is to contact a specialised hairdresser. He is the only one who can perform the operation properly. In general, he or she will carry out a hair diagnosis to determine your hair type.

He will then be able to give you advice on the choice of clip-in hair extension to buy and the installation technique to adopt. Note that there are different ways of fixing hair extensions. The operation takes about 3 to 4 hours. It includes diagnosis, shampooing, application and other care.

According to the specialists, the longevity of the extensions depends on the growth of the natural hair. But in general, it is a maximum of 4 months. At the end of this period, your hair will have grown at least 3 centimetres, which will lower the attachment point. The added strands will therefore be more visible.

What are the different application techniques?

In general, there are four ways to apply highlights. The first is the keratin spot technique. This technique consists of attaching the strands to the natural hair with metal rings or a vegetable glue. The latter is the most commonly used. It is possible to use either cold or hot setting. To harden the glue and make it last longer, the hairdresser uses heated tongs.

Body wave weaves are also one of the most commonly used application techniques. They are mainly used by women with curly or frizzy hair. We must not forget clips and braiding.

What are the risks of hair extensions?

The real question is: are there any negative consequences associated with natural or synthetic hair extensions? Obviously, this kind of operation is not without risk. Indeed, the installation of extensions could weaken the natural hair and damage it when the strands are removed.

Wearing hair extensions for a long time could also cause significant damage. The scalp can become suffocated under the attachments. Therefore, it is best to avoid adding too many strands. In addition, regular hair care is recommended.