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4 Reasons to wear Raw hair

4 Raisons de porter des Raw hair

Hair extensions have become a popular fashion accessory in recent years. Many women use them to add length, volume and color to their natural hair without having to do irreparable actions on their own hair. However, you should know that there are many qualities and types of wicks that will depend on the use you want to have. Raw hair quality strands are considered the best hair extensions available on the market. In this article, we will then give you four reasons why you should switch to "raw hair".

virgin hair

Top quality

Raw hair quality strands are made from virgin human hair. This means the hair has never been chemically treated, making it healthier and stronger. Raw hair is often called "raw" hair or real "healthy" hair. Raw hair also has an intact cuticle, which means the hair is aligned in the same direction, preventing tangles and knots. Buying raw quality strands ensures that you are investing in high quality extensions that will last a long time.

quality hair


Raw hair quality strands are available in a variety of textures and colors. This makes them very versatile and suitable for all hair types. Raw hair quality locks can be curled, straightened and styled in a variety of ways without sustaining damage. Additionally, raw hair quality strands can be colored to match your natural hair color, providing a more natural and seamless look. By purchasing quality raw hair strands, you can achieve the look you desire without compromising the quality of your hair. Contrary to other qualities of extensions, raw hair can undergo many damages "straightening, brushing, colorations..." and remain resistant.

hair extensions


Raw hair quality wicks are the most durable on the market. Virgin hair has an intact cuticle, which protects it from damage and breakage. Unlike Remy or virgin hair, "raw hair" locks have a longer lifespan and can be reused several times. Also, raw hair quality strands require less maintenance than other hair extensions, making them more convenient for daily use. You can keep them for up to 10 years with only minimal maintenance.

open weave

It is a profitable investment

Although raw hair quality strands can be more expensive than other types of hair extensions, they are a worthwhile investment in the long run. By purchasing raw hair quality strands, you are getting a high quality product that will last longer than other extensions. You can save money in the long run by avoiding buying cheaper extensions that need to be replaced more often. In addition, "raw hair" quality locks are a real money saver in the long term for a quality that is undeniably the best on the market.

See raw hair

If you want to wear your extensions daily and sport hairstyles with very high quality locks, raw hair is the locks for you!