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Tannin Smoothing: Everything you need to know

Lissage Tanin : Tout ce qu'il faut savoir

In the ever-changing world of hair care, new straightening techniques are emerging to meet the increasingly demanding needs of customers. Among these innovative techniques, tannin smoothing quickly established itself as a real revolution in the hairdressing industry.

In this article, we will explore in detail the benefits of this unique straightening method , its benefits for your hair, and why you should opt for this solution to achieve smooth, healthy and vibrant hair .

Tannin smoothing

What is tannin smoothing?

Tannin straightening is an advanced hair treatment technique that gets its name from tannin, a natural substance extracted from plants . Unlike traditional hair treatments that use harsh chemicals, tannin straightening is a gentler, more natural solution to achieving smooth, silky hair.

The Benefits of Tannin Smoothing

  1. Effective and Durable Smoothing : Tannin smoothing offers spectacular straightening results. It relaxes curls, eliminates frizz and tames the most rebellious hair. Additionally, the effects of tannin straightening are long-lasting, allowing hair to remain smooth and manageable for long periods of time, often up to three to four months.

  2. Natural Hair Care : Unlike many chemical straightening treatments, tannin straightening does not damage the natural structure of the hair. On the contrary, it acts deeply to improve the overall health of the hair. Tannin deeply nourishes and hydrates hair, leaving it looking revitalized and radiant.

  3. Reduced Frizz and Breakage : Tannin smoothing seals the hair cuticle, significantly reducing frizz. By wrapping each strand in a protective layer, Tannin Smoothing also prevents breakage and split ends, leaving your hair stronger and healthier.

  4. Compatibility with All Hair Types : A particularly appreciated characteristic of tannin straightening is its versatility. Whatever your hair type, whether curly, wavy, frizzy or colored, tannin straightening can adapt to give you exceptional results.

  5. Ecological and Environmentally Friendly Product : By opting for tannin smoothing, you are choosing an environmentally friendly approach. Since tannin is a substance extracted from plants, this treatment is not only harmless for your hair, but also for the planet.

  6. Instant Shine and Softness : Tannin smoothing brings instant shine and softness to your hair, instantly transforming its dull appearance into radiant, silky hair.

The Tannin Smoothing Process

The process of tannin smoothing is quite simple, but it must be carried out by a qualified professional to achieve the best results. Here is an overview of the professional process for tannin smoothing at the Velvety Paris salon:

  1. Preparation : Before the treatment, our hairdresser will assess the condition of your hair and determine the most appropriate tannin straightening for your hair type. Hair will be washed with a clarifying shampoo to remove hair product residue.

  2. Application : The tannin is applied strand by strand throughout the hair, making sure to cover each section well.

  3. Setting Time : Once applied, tannin smoothing should sit for a certain amount of time (usually 30 to 60 minutes) to allow the active ingredients to penetrate the hair deeply.

  4. Rinsing and Drying : After the exposure time, the hair is carefully rinsed to remove any excess product. Then, the hairdresser will carefully dry and straighten the hair using a professional straightening iron.

  5. Finishing : Once straightening is complete, a moisturizer can be applied to seal the effect of the treatment and give additional shine to the hair.


Tannin smoothing is a real breakthrough in the field of hair care. With its many benefits, this natural straightening technique offers exceptional results while preserving the health of your hair. If you are looking for an effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly straightening solution, tannin smoothing is the ideal choice. Trust our qualified hairdressers to benefit from this hair revolution and sport smooth, shiny and magnificent hair, in perfect harmony with nature.