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5 Styles of Cornrows to Adopt

5 Styles de Cornrows à Adopter

Cornrows, also known as African braids, are a traditional and timeless hairstyle that highlights a woman's natural beauty by completely exposing their face. This age-old technique involves braiding hair close to the scalp in a series of elegant, geometric lines. Not only are cornrows aesthetically appealing, but they are also practical, helping to protect and maintain the health of the hair.

In this article, we will explore five cornrow styles to adopt to sport a hairstyle that is elegant, authentic and in harmony with your identity.

1. Classic Cornrows


Classic cornrows are a timeless style that can be worn for any occasion. Braids are done in a straight line, usually following the shape of the scalp, and can be done in different directions to create unique and artistic designs. Classic cornrows are versatile and can be worn loose, tied into a ponytail, a bun, or accented with accessories such as colorful beads to add a touch of whimsy. You can make them with or without highlights.

2. Feed-in Cornrows

Feed-in cornrows, or braids with added highlights, are a modern twist on classic cornrows. This technique involves incorporating strands of synthetic or natural hair at the beginning of the braid, which helps create a thinner, more realistic appearance at the start of the braid. Feed-in cornrows give an illusion of thicker hair and can be used to add length or density to the hairstyle. They are also ideal for people with thinner hair who want a more voluminous hairstyle.

3. Cornrows in Geometric Shapes


For a bold and artistic look, opt for cornrows in geometric shapes. This style allows you to create unique patterns by playing with lines and angles. You can experiment with triangles, diamonds, zigzags and many other shapes for a hairstyle that is both modern and edgy. Geometric cornrows are a great way to showcase your creativity and personal style.

4. Goddess Braids

Goddess Braids are a stylish twist on traditional cornrows. Rather than braided braids, Goddess Braids consist of two large individual braids, which can be styled into a crown, a bun or left loose. This style gives a regal and sophisticated look, ideal for special occasions or simply to add a touch of glamor to your everyday life.

5. Lemonade Braids

lemonade braids

Inspired by singer Beyoncé in her album "Lemonade", Lemonade Braids are a trendy and glamorous style. This style involves braiding the hair into tight cornrows, starting from the middle part of the scalp and working down to the ends. The braids are then left free or gathered into a high ponytail. Lemonade Braids offer a modern and dynamic look, perfect for women who love to be at the forefront of fashion.


Cornrows are much more than just a hairstyle, they are a reflection of cultural identity and natural beauty. Whatever your taste and personal style, there is a style of cornrows that suits you perfectly. From classic cornrows to divine braids, geometric styles and Lemonade Braids trends, dare to experiment and find the hairstyle that will enhance you and reflect your authenticity.

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