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10 ideas to please your man for Valentine’s Day

10 idées pour faire plaisir à son homme pour la Saint Valentin

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and as usual, it's always a headache knowing how to please your man. After all, there are 10,000 ways to please a woman (flowers, bags, shoes, trips, shopping, restaurants... and so on) but for a man once the first birthdays, Christmas and Saint After Valentine's Day, we quickly go around in circles to surprise them. So we decided to give you a helping hand this year.

1. The essential Romantic Dinner at Home: Organize an intimate dinner at home for Valentine's Day. Prepare your favorite dishes, light scented candles and create a warm atmosphere. To complete it all, make yourself more beautiful than ever, take out your magnificent dress that you have never dared to wear outside (but now you are at home 😉 ), opt for a sleek hairstyle like a cute ponytail or clip-ins to add some length to your hair. You can choose from our wide range of textures and colors for a look that matches your style and will impress your man.

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2. A Couple’s Well-Being Day: Plan a special couple’s wellness day. Whether it's a spa, a massage session or a romantic getaway.

3. A Personal Love Message: Write a personal love message to express your feelings. Choose a special location for delivery of this message, such as their workplace or home. To add a special touch to your statement.

4. Make yourself beautiful for him: The last option, and not the least, is to make yourself beautiful especially for him. On our site, explore our collections of hair extensions to easily install at home. Or, book your hairdressing appointment in our salon in Paris for a transformation that will not leave you indifferent.

5. A Surprise Culinary Adventure: Take your man on a culinary adventure by treating him to an unexpected gastronomic experience. Choose an unusual restaurant or offer a blind dinner at home with exotic flavors. Let him guess each dish, creating a unique sensory experience.

6. A Spontaneous Road Trip: Transform an ordinary day into an unforgettable adventure by organizing a spontaneous road trip. Pack a bag with a few essentials, choose a random destination, and set off on an adventure. Whether it's a nearby town, a secluded beach, or a beautiful wine region, the element of surprise and excitement of the unknown will create lasting memories and strengthen your connection.

7. A Cooking Class Together: Surprise your man by offering him a cooking class for two. Choose a theme that excites you both, whether it's Italian cooking, baking, or Asian cuisine. Not only is this activity entertaining, but it will also strengthen your bond while creating delicious dishes that you can enjoy together. This shared experience will add a fun and delicious dimension to your relationship.

8. An Outdoor Movie Night: Transform your garden or balcony into an outdoor cinema for a romantic movie night. Choose your man's favorite movies, lay out some comfy blankets, and prepare some indulgent snacks. The charm of an evening under the stars with your favorite films will create a magical and intimate atmosphere.

9. A Personalized Scavenger Hunt: Organize a personalized scavenger hunt for your man. Design clues linked to special memories from your relationship, leading to meaningful places. Whether in your house, your neighborhood, or even in the city, this treasure hunt will add a dose of adventure and romance to your day (and it will also be a good surprise check 🤣). End the quest with a memorable surprise, like a secret picnic or a touching love letter.

A surprise wouldn't be perfect if the organizer wasn't at her best. So to complete this experience, pamper yourself to give him a moment like in the first days. So don't hesitate to make an appointment now