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What is the real difference between a glueless and a classic wig?

Quelle est la vraie différence entre une glueless et une perruque classique ?

The trend that has taken over social networks this year is undoubtedly the “glueless wig”.

This hair revolution has been a game-changer for many people by providing a convenient and comfortable alternative to traditional methods of applying wigs.

But what is really the difference between a clueless and a classic wig?

What is a Glueless Wig?

glueless wig

A glueless wig is a wig designed to be worn without the use of glue or adhesives. Unlike traditional wigs, which often require the application of special glue, glueless wigs are designed with specific features that make them easy to put on and take off without causing damage to natural hair.

Construction and Design


The construction of a glueless wig is crucial to its comfort and ease of use. Glueless suggests that these wigs have very different characteristics but the reality is quite different. These wigs often feature adjustable elastic bands that allow for a secure fit without the need for adhesives, here is the difference with other wigs but a glueless can be worn with or without glue and please note that this is the case for all of our wigs at Velvety Paris.

The wig caps used in glueless wigs are also designed to provide natural adhesion without the need for glue, while providing adequate ventilation for the scalp.

A key feature of many glueless wigs is the presence of integrated combs. These little combs are strategically placed inside the wig and attach to the natural hair for extra hold. Some models may also feature adjustable straps that allow the size of the wig to be adjusted to individual preferences, which most wigs have in 2024.

Easy Application

ginger wig

One of the main advantages of glueless wigs is the ease with which they can be applied. Unlike traditional wigs which require careful application of glue, glueless wigs can be simply placed on the head and adjusted using the integrated elastics and combs. This simplicity of application saves considerable time and allows users to change their look in the blink of an eye.

Everyday Comfort

ginger hair wig

The glueless wigs' glueless design makes them extremely comfortable for extended wear.

Versatility and Personalized Style

Glueless wigs offer remarkable styling versatility. With their ease of application and removal, you can change your wig as you wish. Whether you want glamorous curls, straight hair or relaxed waves, the glueless wig allows you to change your wig every day if you feel like it.

Maintenance and Durability

Maintaining glueless wigs is generally simpler. By avoiding the use of glue, the risk of difficult-to-clean residue is reduced. Customers can often remove their wig at the end of the day, store it properly, and reuse it without having to worry about sticky residue or potential damage.

In terms of durability, glueless wigs can also prove to be more durable in the long term.


The glueless wig is often presented as a totally different model but what really differs is the accessories installed to keep the wig glue-free: elastic band, comb... All Velvety wigs are designed with these accessories in order to allow them to be worn with or without glue.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at our collections of wigs that are all applicable without glue!