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Why wear hair extensions?

Pourquoi porter des extensions capillaires ?
Capillary extensions have often been considered to be for people who have no hair but today mentalities have evolved and hair extensions such as wigs, weaving, clips in ... are considered as Beauty accessories accessible to all.

What are the advantages of natural extensions?


natural hair
Natural hair has a very long longevity So you can keep your extensions for years.
It is a natural hair fiber so compared to the synthetic where the fiber is made of plastic and consists of other processed elements, the natural fiber it will melt completely with your hair to obtain a realistic effect Without demarcations. And finally, you are free to stylize your extensions as if it were your hair. Indeed who says natural hair, says that you can do absolutely everything you want: wash, smooth, complete, discolor, color ... You are free!

Who can wear natural extensions?

Everyone ! Man as a woman, there is no barrier. In this article, we will devote ourselves more to the wearing of extension by women but know that men too can carry it! Whatever your hair type, your skin color or the length of your hair, you can wear extensions and this in several forms (wigs, clip in, ponytails ...)

Why bring extensions?

We will see several reasons to wear extensions (weaves, wigs, clips ...) but know above all that no matter what reason you choose to wear extensions, everything is to feel free!

1- To hide a hair problem

    Hair Wig 
    Many women passing through difficult periods come to lose their hair and in these moments, it is important for them to find a rapid solution that will cause the least possible damage to their hair. Thanks to hair extensions, you will return to the lost hair mass but also regain confidence in you because we know that for many women, their hair represents everything! For some the wearing of these extensions will be temporary, while their hair grows back and for others these extensions will become their daily friends. Top in or wigs allow hair losses to be hidden without exerting pressure on hair fiber which allows you to camouflage the falls without causing more damage.
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    2- To gain in volume 

    When you have very fine hair, it can happen that you need to gain volume to change your head or structure a hairstyle. Capillary extensions in the form of weaving lines, microlinks and clip extensions are ideal for a natural addition!

    3- To gain length

    Are you fed up with short hair and want to go long without your colleagues understanding the subterfuge? Nothing could be easier, add a few clips, do an open weaving or microlinks and voila!

    4- Simply to change the head

    WIG lace
    Do you just want renewal and don't want to damage your hair or make an irreparable stupidity? The hair extensions allow you to change your head while preserving your real hair, so why not test this short square that makes you want so much without even cutting 1 cm of your hair? Test a wig lace for a radical but not irreversible change!
    You now have all the keys to meet your hair needs.
    Do you still hesitate? Our experts will be happy to advise you!