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The difference between lace frontal, lace frontal HD and closure

La différence entre lace frontal, lace frontal HD et closure

In the world of hair extensions, there are several types of closures that can achieve a realistic and natural look. Among the most popular options are the lace front, the HD lace front and the closure. Although these terms are commonly used, understanding their differences is key to choosing the best option based on your needs and preferences. In this article, we'll take a look at each type of closure and detail their unique features to help you choose.

Let's first go back to the term "Closure" that we will use frequently in this article. The closure simply corresponds to the way you will close your weave, or your wig, it has become very natural thanks to the appearance of closures and frontal lace.

  1. Front lace:

Front lace

The lace frontal is a closure that extends from ear to ear, covering the frontal area of ​​the head. It is made from a fine lace. The lace front is designed to mimic the hairline, creating an illusion of a realistic scalp. It can be fixed using special glue or double-sided adhesive strips or even without glue thanks to an elastic band.

The main feature of the lace front is its versatility. It allows you to style the hair back, in a ponytail or on the side, while maintaining a natural look. Additionally, the lace front provides a full frontline, making it ideal for those looking to conceal hair loss or create a new hairline.

2. Lace Front HD:

lace frontal hd

HD front lace, also known as high definition front lace, is an evolution of the traditional front lace. It is distinguished by the superior quality of the lace used. HD lace is thinner and more transparent, allowing an even more natural fusion with the skin.

The HD frontal lace offers additional benefits, including an undetectable frontal line and a more realistic look. It is often recommended for those looking for a flawless look. HD lace frontal generally requires more precise application and delicate handling due to the fragility of the lace. You must therefore handle it with more care than a classic lace in order to avoid any tears.

3- The closure:


The closure is a smaller closure than the front lace. It usually covers a small area at the front of the head, you usually have the 3 partings as an option. The closure is also in lace.

The main difference between the closure and the lace front is in the area of ​​coverage. While the lace front extends from ear to ear, the closure is designed to cover a specific area, making it an ideal option for people who do not require full forehead line coverage or for certain haircuts that do not require the whole head to be exposed. If, for example, you plan to wear your wig or your weaving often loose, it is better to opt for a closure. The closure can be installed in a number of ways, including sewing or using glues or tapes.

You will notice that the closure is much easier to wear for those who are new to wigs because they require less skill to install.

Conclusion :

Choosing between lace front, HD lace front and closure depends on your personal preferences and hair extension needs. The lace front offers full coverage of the forehead line, while the HD lace front offers an even more natural blend thanks to its high quality lace. As for the closure, it covers a specific area of ​​the front of the head, ideal for those who do not need full coverage.

It is essential to consult a hair extension professional to determine which option is best for your hair type, lifestyle and expectations. Whichever you choose, these closures will allow you to achieve a realistic and beautiful look, adding volume, length and confidence to your hairstyle.

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